behind the scenes montage

Editor Peter Hollywood
Editor Peter Hollywood

Talking Irson trough the scene

Directing Russian singer Irson Kudikova

Directing Shelly Varod (reporter "Ali Connor")

Discussing character Joe with editor and fight choreographer

Blocking the president's arrival

Lining up the shot with the cinematographer Marc Windon

Dolph arrives on the set

Dolph comments on the close-ups needed

C.M.F. rocks!
Showing how to move with the AK47
Marc Windon operating a Dolly shot
Venus LIVE performance, first take
Dolph rehearses with daughter Ida
Irson Kudikova performs "September Rain"
C.M.F. rocks!
The Alpha Team kicks in

Joe and Mikhail
Dolph blocks a scene
Reviewing the last take
"We go one way, you the other"
"You sure you know how to use this?"
"It's one hell of a climb"
Lining up the shot
Dolph rehearsing
Dolph rehearses the song "Breakdown"
Dolph takes last minute advice from the D2 drummer
Dolph Lundgren ("Joe") blasting the drums
Intro rehearsal for the song "6"
D2 lead singer with Dolph before rehearsal
Melissa and her band rehearsing under the attentive eye of the director
Melissa Smith rehearses the song "Lost In Love"
Director Dolph Lundgren
Director Dolph Lundgren with Producer Les Weldon
Director Dolph Lundgren with concert unit director Magardich Havaldjian

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